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  Guides   Read RSS and ATOM feeds with your calendar application

GCALDaemon's HTTP server can convert RSS/ATOM XML files to iCalendar format, therefore you can read news, blogs and tweets with your iCal compatible calendar application. This feature makes copying feed entries to Google Calendar a simple copy/paste operation. Once the entry copied to your calendar, you can edit it as an average calendar event. Another advantage is that you can add directly To Do (Task) items to the converted calendar.

  Configure feed converter

1) Install and run GCALDaemon ('standalone-start.bat' or 'standalone-start.sh').

2) Copy the appropriate RSS/ATOM URL with your Web browser

3) Launch Sunbird. Click the 'New Calendar...' menu on the Calendars page.

4) Select 'On the Network' option on 'Create New Calendar' dialog.

5) Select 'iCalendar' format, and put the RSS/ATOM feed's URL into 'Location' field. Replace 'http://' prefix to 'http://localhost:9090/'!

Original feed URL:


Feed's calendar URL:


6) Input the new calendar's name (e.g. 'BBC Technology News'). Click 'Next' then 'Finish'. Open the calendar's 'Properties' dialog. Check the 'Read only' box.

7) Setup finished - click on the event's 'Visit URL' button to read the full report.

8) Alternative calendar application can be configured in a similar manner.

News in eventSherpa

  Fine adjustment

1) For the higher security set the 'http.allowed.hostnames' configuration option's value to 'localhost' (in 'conf/gcal-daemon.cfg').

2) Optionally start the 'service-install.bat' to install GCALDaemon as Windows service (on UNIX-compatible systems put GCALDaemon into 'init', 'launchd' or 'rc' script). Before uninstall GCALDaemon, you must stop and uninstall this service (with 'service-stop.bat' and 'service-uninstall.bat'). Please note, this is the last step in the setup/configuration process, do not install the service while GCALDaemon is not running properly. On Vista, it's not enough to be in the Administrators group, you need to either be actually logged on as the Administrator.

A) In START menu click on the 'Command Prompt'
B) Right click on it and select 'Properties'
C) In 'Shortcut' tab, click on 'Advanced...'
D) Tick the 'Run as Administrator'
E) Run 'Command Prompt' and in click 'Continue' in 'User Account Control' box
F) Now you are in administrator mode
G) Type 'cd [gcaldaemon installation directory]\bin'
H) Execute 'service-install.bat'
I) Execute 'service-start.bat'